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9/9M Kil'Jaeden DOWN!

Fruitymike / Nov 03, 2017
At last Epilogue kills KJ for the server #4! After progressing last half of ToS on a 2-day schedule the officers and myself have decided that we do no longer have the time to run the guild the way we would want it to be ran. Meaning we will not be raiding Antorus, I'd like to thank everyone who really gave it their all for the last few weeks of progression whilst I couldn't put in a 100%. After having raided together with some of you for more than a year it's tough to step down knowing you wont be able to raid together anymore, and I do hope all of you find a guild that's a good fit and you'll enjoy as much as I have enjoyed Epiloki! Again, best of luck to you all and good fucking job <3



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